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>> Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Amy create this tag for us to share some facts about our great moms and persons that some how became our moms.

Thanks Amy

Me and my mom...

My mom is obsessive compulsive I am not, so you could imagine every time she would enter in my room it would always be a blast. She would arrange my room so when I got back from work I would find my room in its cleanliest.

My mom is the best when it comes to math, I wonder why I didn't inherited it from her.

My mom is the ultimate workaholic, I got it from her. Even if she is sick, she would still go to work.

My mom and I share the love for chocolates. If a have a cabinet of chocolates she have a room of it hahaha!

My mom, although most of the time we don't share same opinions, we argue on things, we have different taste she was the most supportive mom. I failed the board exams twice and she was the only person who made me stop crying by saying "I don't care if you failed twice on your exams, I don't care if you cannot get a job because of that, you're my daughter, not even a hundred board exams could change that and I can still provide for you so stop crying." She may not speak too much on how much she loves me, but her actions speaks of it.

I love you mom :)


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