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>> Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who doesn’t love jewelries? Me, I love them no more explanations, I just love them. I inherit it from my Mom’s mom. She adores jewelries as much as she adores me. As early as now she already handed me some of her precious pieces. One of those is the ring in this picture; it comes with a pair of earrings. I know my mom would freak out if she would know about it! Now that I’m earning my own, I think of buying nice jewelries for me. I am into rings now a days, I want to get myself a solitaire ring since I think no one would giving me.. 't it nice to look glittery good and somehow you are sure that you got yourself a good investment in the long run?
But do you know that you can also have the same thing if you buy gold coins too?! yep! that is what has to offer! :D


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