my dearest beer

>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

I miss the alcohol in my veins... And since October is considered as Beer month, I'm dedicating this post to my dear friend... Beer It has been a week since my last session with my dear friend and I miss it terribly. So last night we've met at the drinking table and have one hell of a session hahaha! Beer as far as I know is one of the most widely consumed beverage and i also think one of the oldest beacuse there has been a study it existed during 600 B.C. It is also considered the third most popular drink next to water and tea. Now beer has evolved and even got some flavors to choose from. When I was young every time my kuya and his friends would drink I would sneak at their table and grab a bottle and drink. Now that I've grown up I don't sneak at my kuya's drinking table anymore, now he is the one sneaking at my fridge and grab some of my beer in cans. According to some research, long term effect of beer drinking could cause liver disease, alcoholism and other form of cancers. But I there are also some research that says that beer possess strong anti-cancer properties, I know beer drinkers would prefer the second research so they can justify every time they would drink (Beer drinkers, thank me for giving you an idea hehehe!) What ever research may say, I consider beer as one of my best friends, who is always with me in times of loneliness and in my times of triumph. I thank it so much for keeping me sane hehehe!


Joanne July 25, 2010 at 5:23 PM  

cheers to that! looking forward to a beer session with you when you come home.

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