Make Your Road Trip a Winner

>> Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If you’re planning a road trip, taking a little time to make preparations can ensure your trip is great. Renting a car is a good idea if your car isn’t up to the trip or if you want to keep the miles off your car. You can also rent a larger car to be more comfortable for a group or a car with better gas mileage if you want to save some money, in which case, your rental could possibly even pay for itself. If you decide to rent, use a Travelocity promotional code to save even more money right up front.
If you have a specific location in mind, make sure you have adequate map instructions. A GPS navigational system is ideal, but a hard copy of a map, either from a gas station, book store, or the Internet, is also a good idea, in case the navigational system doesn’t have adequate information or for some reason, doesn’t work properly. Check to see if there are multiple routes to get where you are going and see what the differences are. There may be differences in miles, but also toll costs, attractions on the way, and scenery can all be major influencing factors in deciding how to get where you’re going.
Make sure you have a spare tire and proper tools. A cell phone charger that works in the car may be a good idea as well. Pack plenty of snacks and bring a lot of fresh drinking water for each person and refill it often. Make some of your snacks water-rich as well, such as grapes, apples, carrots, and celery sticks. They will be refreshing after convenience store chips and processed pastries. Also, while making a stop, be sure to ask the locals about the best places to eat and stay. You can sometimes use promotional codes to book a hotel too.


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