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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

I overheard this morning that our company driver is again complaining about our company microbus. It has been his agony for almost three months now. Since that microbus met an accident six months ago and underwent a machine overhaul and body restoration it was never the same again. I bet it all car repair tools are used in that vehicle since it has been in and out of the repair shop since that accident happened. It has always been a joke in our office that it would be better if we would just light it up and burn it, but of course that is just a joke because I think it carries something sentimental to the company that is why the management refuses to dispose it even if it runs out of automotive repair tools to be used. If only we can get a very good mechanic here I think there would be no problem. Because the dilemma here is that we cannot get a good one and of course don’t have the proper and up to date tools. That is why I will show this to our Maintenance In-Charge. There he could find not only quality and up to date car repair tools but also other maintenance tools like drill and others. I’m sure he will be overwhelmed because the site contains various well known manufacturers like otc automotive tools tools which he dream of having one.


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