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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

I remember the movie click starring Adam Sandler. It was a story of a workaholic man who finds no time for his family. In order to find time he uses a remote to pose the happenings in his life so he could be there every time. Because of that movie I have realized the value of a click. Click is such a short and common sound but in that movie it was magnified as a very powerful force. Have you ever heard of the pay per click program? Where in there are words that are placed on a site and if you click it the one that placed it will earn. The more clicks on the said word has corresponding earning. Some even hire sites like thinkbigsites.com for ppc management in their sites. It is kinda very technical but for laymen in the techie world like me they are the one who would help you to increase your web trafficthat would result more earnings. It seems like really one click is very powerful, before it was just associated with opening and closing of something like television, radio or electric fan. Then it was turn of the click of the mouse where in you could explore things with just one click. Now in just a click you can earn money, impressive indeed


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