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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

If you would ask me how is my social life? Well I would answer you right away that I don’t have one here. Since I left home 13 months ago I seem to forget what a social life is. As far as I remember social relation is an interaction among individuals. Before time to socialize you have to go to gatherings like parties to interact with individuals. But since world is changing and technology seems to be always evolving, it have given birth to what do they call social media. According to what I have read, social media is founded on the use of the worldwide web for interaction among individuals. And for those who lacks time to socialize and interact personally because of the demand of work, social medias like the Twitter, FB, FS, etc are of great help. Because of these I can still manage to be updated with my friends and relatives. And even manage to win build new friendships and maintain old ones without being in the same place at the same time. And because of the demands for social media there are some sites that offer social media marketing services like who offers to manage your social media accounts. They have a bunch of social media expert that would help you to manage your media accounts and provides social media solutions right at the palm of your hand. Very amazing indeed.


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