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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

I don’t know what’s in me in these past few days. Maybe I am anticipating a very busy week ahead. I have to finish my reports days ahead before my deadlines because my boss would be out of the country for her annual vacation. If I don’t want to see her rage I should finish it ahead of the deadline or else I would die! Pondering so many thought in my head. Sometimes I think I am thinking too much. But they just pop out of my minds like SEO packages in the net. I don’t know if I avail of the organic search engine optimization in my head. I think about my work, I feel like I am already loosing patience with it. I always loved my work, but now why am I loosing my grip on it? Maybe because I am too far from my family who used to give me support and encouragement and also my friends who can turn my bad working day into a better one. When I came here I thought I made a wrong decision in living my pampered life and career back home for this. Thanks for words of wisdom from a mentor that I cannot just choose the people I will work with. Well enough of sentiments. I still have to go to to ponder on website optimization. This site is a heaven sent!


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