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>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

I got a tag from my FB account. I was tagged to the video of my god daughter Olin who danced for their school’s 25th Foundation Day! While watching the video I can’t help myself but laugh when my dear god daughter was about to fight one of her classmate before dancing. I think she got irritated with her classmate and lost her patience and really tapped her classmate. Olin has such a temper, maybe he got it from his father whom I and my “kumare” call moody diaz. But she would still be my darling. And I am so excited for the other videos. I know I would still be having some more good laughs when I finish watching all her videos. We are all very lucky now days that there is video recording. Because of videos we could watch a scene over and over again until we want. Also video is a very important media. Videos can also be used for business and advertising. That is why the demands for video marketing agency have been very high. This has resulted for the birth of video marketing agency like that in they have packages for video marketing like the Graphic video package which is very nice and affordable. The videos marketing is in demand because it attracts the attentions of potential clients.


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