Costume Party

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

When my bestfriend Joanne was still in the planning stage of the birthday party for his son Lance her Tita Cit suggested why not have a Costume Party! Well not a bad idea! Much to my excitement I started brainstorming for my would be costume. I got plenty running in my head, I love to be a gypsy or perhaps Little Red Riding Hood, or a milkmaid! I was even bugging every one in the house and asking what would be the best for me. My brother told me why not look for Halloween Costumes at the net. I thought my options for costumes would be limited due to my very much full figure. But to my surprise the site have a wide array of choices for different costumes not just for Halloween. It has costumes for Children, Adults and Infants. They also have choices for wigs, make-up, hats, mask, decorations and even pets that would complete your wardrobe of choice. One good thing about the site is that you can filter your choice by different categories. You can also filter the choices by figure type, whether for full figured persons or for sexy ones. I choose this Mother Superior costume. Well not that evident but I used to dream of becoming a nun when I was a child. Now that I have grown up, I told my self that no convent would be accepting me! I'm too hyper for a convent so just even for a day I could be a nun because of this costume. Enough for my excitement for the party to think that it is still not final. Now I have to look for a Kids Costumes for Brent and a matching Adult Costumes for his Mom for their program at school.


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