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>> Friday, January 23, 2009

I was unofficially assigned by my loving boss as party organizer, due to the success of the farewell party for Mitazono San last year. Last Christmas, we thought of having a themed party for our annual Christmas Party. But due to the time constraint, the plan did not pushed through. If only I have discovered early, maybe we had an Oscar Awards-themed Party. This year I would definitely go for an Oscar Awards Night Theme. With the help of the ideas that I got from the site I know it would be very easy. They got all the things that would be needed in having the themed party. From the invitations, which is inspired by the Oscar Statute to the table centerpieces up to the decorations, they got it all. I bet my bosses would love the idea of giving awards for, I already thought of the name for the awards to be give. Fernando Awards would be nice, named after our Sales Manager. I would also allot time for acceptance speeches, I think we would all have our biggest laughs. I just wonder how would the production boys would look like in their tuxedos since I never seen them to wear formal outfits. I always see them in their tattered uniforms and safety shoes. For the food, I would just have to leave it all to the hotel kitchen staffs to look for Oscar party recipes that I would request them to prepare for us. Can't wait for December!


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