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>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News that circulate currently here at the office:

1. Kuya Tom, the oldest bachelor in the whole factory is getting married finally! I wonder why he had to wait for him to turn forty before getting married! Hahaha! And now his title of being the oldest bachelor is being transferred to Kuya Tan. I wonder if Kuya Tan is feeling the pressure right now.

2. The movie of Angel and Piolo. Love me again (land down under) is bringing the level of excitement of Mama Del, Ate Cons and She to the highest level.

3. Every day stories of Sir Jun about customers closing down, cutting work days. Every day, the numbers are multiplying. Fear on our part is rising.

4. Suspension order for Manny. Accessory to theft was his case, but he is not accepting his Disciplinary Action. My stand, well why it should happen at this time. Working days are reduced to 11 days and if ever he would be sanctioned, it would be cut to probably 9 days per cut-off. How could he and his family get by with his earnings? The offense is vrey minimal, I don’t say that he should be tolerated but there are other penalties that would be just for not. Suspension is too hard and heart breaking. And would it be reasonable to bring to court an incident of removing a door stopper so the other one can bring it home? A door stopper which probably cost less than 10 dollars.


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