Getting him a date

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yesterday was the wedding of one of the oldest bachelor here in the office. I always kidded him that why did he have to wait for him to turn forty to get married. With him being married, the throne of being the oldest unattached bachelor now belongs to Kuya Tan. And during the wedding reception he was the one who caught the garter and as we all know according to the superstitions, the one who caught the garter would marry next. But he told us that he don't think it would work for him because he caught the garter many times already but still he haven't find her lady love. I told her to try Dating Directory. He seems to be choosy that's why I told him that it would be very suitable for him. It come with the widest range of dating sites directories. They are classified according to one's needs and wants so it would be easy for him. And since he is a Christian I told him that he would find in this page the list of dating sites that features Christians like him. Aside from that he could also choose by age, by ethnicity, by region, by interest and even by sexual preference! He could compare the dating sites that he could find and choose what's the best for him. He is not getting any younger, he should work overtime! Better he should do it triple time, now that Valentines Day is just around the corner!


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