New year, new start

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm starting my year good.

I hope for a great year ahead not just for me but for everyone.

This year I hope for the following:

-Love my self more, I think I have taken my self granted for the past years and maybe it not being selfish to love yourself more.

-More talk time with God. Last year I was too busy that I neglect my duties as Catholic. This year I would make sure to devote more time to the one whom I owed everything.

-More time for my family, more bonding moments.

-Save, lessen expenses. Recession is not yet over.

-Start a small business, extra income. But as of the moment I haven't think of anything.

-Commit more to my work. Finish reports on time. Avoid penalties. I can't afford unsolicited Saturday offs again.

-Travel. Out of the country would be great but trips around the country would be fine.

-Reconnect to old friends, lost friends. Make new ties, win new friends, real friends.

-To be wiser in making decisions to avoid mistakes.

-Sleep, more sleep and more sleep. I wish I could increase my sleeping time during weekdays.

-Be more sensitive to the need of others

-Be happy and optimistic in life. Life is short, we should all make every minute of it worthy.


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