Easing Your Moving

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

Moving is for most of us is really a headache. But as the saying says, the only thing constant in life is change. Once in our life we will be moving, some more than once. One of my dear friend moves more than three times last year because of his job. And during his move from one place to another he would always complain on the hassles of moving. And now that he is relocating to a place miles away from his previous home, he is thinking of how to make his moving a breeze. The timing of relocating is bad; his work requires him to work overtime because they have to give more attention on gaining more clients due to the worsening economic crisis. He cannot differ his moving anymore because it would mean more expenses and more time to be wasted. One thing that he also worries is the transfer of some of his bills to his new address. And also he would like to transfer some of his utility accounts like his phone and his broadband connection. Also he is finding a hard time choosing for moving companies. I recommend him moveme.com. This site guarantees to make moving as simple as possible for him. They offer several services for movers like, removal and storage, management and transfer of utilities, planning and other miscellaneous services that may cause headache to movers. They also recommend the best removal companies that one can choose from and is assured that his belongings and properties are safe. Se can ask or arrange what if ever the properties to be moved are insured in case of accidents, like breaking his best china wares or a scratch from his valuable paintings while moving it. I encourage him to consider a removal company since he is just moving a lot of bulky things in his newly purchased house. In moveme.com, he can inquire online for all the services that he needs. They would provide quotations to you online and fast, and since he is too much busy at work, it is very much suitable for him. They usually find the movers that are near to your place so they would be familiar and the risk of getting lost is minimal. I hope I could help him arrange those things but just like him, my office reports are piling up so I really have to work double time. So I just told him to consider moveme.com as my substitute, I just hope he don’t do it very often.


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