Acrophobic Pau

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have been acrophobic all my life. I have this fear of heights. I can't even go near the railings of SM Malls or look down while the elevator in Robinson's goes up. Everytime I would do that, my knees are becomes weak and I feel like collapsing. Very terrible for a big girl like me LOL!

Just like last Wednesday and Thursday, we had this academic training for our Syteline ERP at PBCom Building in Makati. The training room was on the 22nd floor. We arrived early so we just fooled around the training room even taking photos, playing with the modern office chairs (not like what we have here in the office!). When one of the facilitators pulled up the roman shades, I saw the panoramic view of the Makati, my knees starts shaking, I started to feel uncomfortable. Much more when one of my officemates pulled me near the glass window and forced me to looked down. I feel like fainting, well that would be the worse for them because they would have to pull me up in case I would faint! I tried to be brave and tried to go near several times but it doesn't work, I feel like I was shrinking.

I don't know how I got this phobia, but I have this since I was young. I remember I can't even look down from the 3rd floor of our school building, what more the 22nd floor. I envy the bravery of those who can go bungee jumping or wall climbing, much more the window cleaners that I saw last Thursday. They were outside the building, cleaning the glass windows with just scaffoldings and their cleaning materials. Brave people! But I manage to took a picture of Mabel san near the glass window, but of course I use the zoom lens of the camera! hahaha!


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