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>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bridgitte has tagged me with this special Top 5 women tag!

("Make A List of 5 WOMEN you admire the most" Who's on the list? Are they women who have accomplished what they have dreamed of? Are they women loved and respected with equal passion? Are they women who make apologies for neither their sex nor their sexuality? You may choose from your family, friends, government, entertainment and everywhere. You may not realize it, but you are on the list.)

The 5 Women that I admire most:

1. Oprah Winfrey-I admire because of her strong will and determination. In spite of the hardships and not so good experience that she encountered in her road to her success it never hinder her to strive more and continue to pursue her dreams. Now from being the girl wearing potato sack as dress, she became the most influential woman in the world. She always reminds me that no matter how many hardships and problems we encounter, we must never stop achieving our dreams. And one thing more, she always look back from where she came from. Maybe that's why she is so blessed because she got a very good heart.

2. Atty. Katrina Legarda-She is a prominent lawyer in the Philippines. She specializes in family law and a known woman's right advocate. Strong willed and woman of principle. She reminds me that no woman should be dependent on men.

3. The late Princess Diana- I admire her because she is a true beauty inside and out. Her advocacy and willingness to help people really captures my heart. It really breaks my heart when she passed away more than a decade now.

4. Mother Theresa of Calcutta- She is a Nobel Peace Prize winner that selflessly devoted her time to the poor and the needy. Pro-life advocate which I admire.

5. My mom. She raised us to be good Christians. She loves us unconditionally. My critic and supporter all in one.

Now I pass this to all the admirable friends in my blog roll. Enjoy this tag!


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