wedding that'll be missed

>> Sunday, September 27, 2009

Living and working in another country is one painful thing. But you see, it may sounded like a very used cliche but we work in order for us to provide a better life for our family and also for career wise move also. But the sad part? aside from being away from our loved ones, is the fact that we cannot attend those special events and occasions, just like the two destination weddings of my two friends, I was supposed to be part of their entourage but unfortunately, I had to beg off from the lists, though as much as I wanted to, I just can't come to their weddings. I know, it's really really sad, being not able to see my friend's happy faces as they journey to life begins... oh well, maybe I'll be able to attend the coming events like baptism and birthdays of their soon to be kids! It'll sure be fun. So there, guess too much of my venting, I'm being so emotional, bear with me... I need to release this thought or else I might gone mad!


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