Handful Birthday Invitations

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My friend Kat told me about the Party Invitations that another friend has brought to her house earlier today, and told me that one of the 5 kid birthday invitations is for me and my nephew. But the thing is, I won't be able to attend the party, because I'm million miles away from them. Anyways, speaking of the birthday invitation, she also told me that it is a actually a photo invite of my Godson. How I wish to be able to attend his first natal day.

Anyways, as I talked about party invitation... do you know that CardsPersonalized (http://www.cardspersonalized.com/) is very well raved about their funkiest and coolest birthday invites online?! Simply because they offer the best of an online card shop can offer like You Can Add a Photo, Picture or Logo to Any Card on Their Site and their Print and Ship Your Order the SAME DAY it is Approved policy. In fact, I have made a couple of orders from them sometime last year, and was really glad with the outcome!


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