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>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

One of my closest friend is into buying and selling imported items, in fact she has been doing it for quite a while now and has gained a great number of customers. Before I leave for my greener pasture hunt, I asked her to take charge for my nephew's gifts for Christmas, and I told her to get the kiddos preferably shoes for their holiday loots. And she's actually cool with that, in fact she told me that she'll use her crocs coupons for her purchase so she woundn't have to charge me a huge amount for the items. She's such a sweetie pie isn't she?! That is why I gave her my chain gang coupons, for her to use! You see, that friend of mind is super enthusiastic when it comes to body accessories, if I'm not mistaken she has hundreds of different types of stuffs to use as her embelish! One stylish girl I must say, and I truly ador her.. for being one fab and styled friend and for being a very understanding and supportive pal! :D

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