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>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Snagged this from my mare and good friend Kath
Thank you dear!

1. Best friends were all the thing in my high school days. You were only allowed to have one best friend, but, ever the rebel, I had several! What about you? Tell us about your high school best friend(s).
-Just like you I got a lot. Joanne (my all time bestfriend! our pet name to each other: TABA) / April / Lien / Arjay / Anthony / Familia Arkanghel

2. Are you generally better friends with those of your own gender or those of the opposite? Or is it balanced between the two?
-Hmm... Balanced between the two.

3. As you get older, are best friends still important or does having a best friend get less important to your life?
-Still very much important, friendship matures as we mature.

4. Have you ever met any of your online friends offline? Did they match your mental picture of who they were?
-I haven't met any, I guess most of them are overseas.

5. Do you have a few close friends and more acquaintances? Or are you the opposite, with lots of very close friends and few casual ones?
-A lot of very close friends.

6. Are there any friends of the past that you would like to reconnect with?
-Yes there are a lot. Some long lost friends most especially in my high school days. Actually I just did with one of them recently.

7. If you could become instant-friends with any celebrity, who would it be and why?
-I got plenty on my list. I guess Ellen DeGeneres would be one, I don't know but I think we'll click as friends!


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