my lasts

>> Sunday, August 29, 2010


1. What is the last thing you did before this survey?
Talk with Bele, matters of her heart :)

2. Where was your last kiss?
Hell, I can even remember when and where :)

3. When is the last time you felt angry?
Just this afternoon courtesy of boss! She is pressuring us to finish the report...

4. What is the last purchase you made?
A lot of Spicy Dilis and Dried Pusit for Kuya's Package and 3 folding umbrellas for ate

5. Who were you last annoyed with?
It was him

6. What did you last have to eat?
Ate Dhel's Chicaron Yummy!

7. Who is the last male you talked to?
Leonard, flirting! hehehe joke only :)

8. Where is the last place you hung out at?
Countryside Steak House last night, dinner with Leo and Joanne

9. When is the last time you got a work out?
hehehe hmmm... last.... decade?

10. What is the last make-up you used?
Just borrowed Bele's eyeliner just to give my eye some glow


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