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>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Grab this tag from Kathy


What is your salad dressing of choice?
:: Thousand Island no doubt

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
:: I got a long list, isn't it obvious with my size? LOL!

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it?
:: Fried Chicken, my comfort food

What are your pizza toppings of choice?
:: I am a meat lovers so I go for meat toppings especially Pepperoni!

What do you like to put on your toast?
:: Jam and Butter


How many television sets are in your house?
:: one in my room one in the other room

What color of cell phone do you have?
:: Ivory


Are you right-handed or left-handed?
::Right handed.

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
:: Moles on my face

What is the last heavy item you lifted?

:: Due to lack of men in the office, 5 gallons of water :)

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
:: nope


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you are going to die?
:: yes I want to, I wanted to be prepared for it

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
:: Alexandra or Simoune

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?
:: Sure! hahaha!


How many pairs of flip flops do you own?
:: only two, I also borrow one from my brother

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
:: Nope, Law abiding citizen

Last person you talked to?
:: seriously? Ma'am Fe heart to heart

Last person you hugged?
:: Can't remember if my chubby part Maya or the flavor of the month Cariz (turtle neck LOL!) or Ate Cons


:: between rainy and sunny it is definitely rainy. Among winter, spring, summer or autumn it is WINTER! SNOW!


Day of the week?
:: Sunday, rest day

:: DECEMBER and June my birth month


Missing someone?
:: Yes, I do very much...

:: happy and a bit empty

What are you listening to?
:: the sound TV in the other room

:: the TV in my room is off

Worrying about?
:: my health, the economy and earning more


First place you went to this morning?
:: Bathroom

What’s the last movie you saw?
:: I got a memory gap

Do you smile often?
:: I do a lot


1) Do you always answer your phone?
:: yes

2) It’s four in the morning and you get a text message, who is it?
:: If not Kuya from Canada, 2346 for Globe

3) If you could change your eye color what would it be?
:: Light green :)

4) What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?
:: hmm... water!? lol

5) Do you own a digital camera?
:: yes given by Kathleen! Thanks dear!

6) Have you ever had a pet fish?
:: before but it jumped out of the aquarium

7) Favorite Christmas song?
:: Jingle Bells

8) What’s on your wish list for your birthday?
:: Laptop :)

9) Can you do push ups?
:: before during high school days, but haven't tried these days

10) Can you do a chin up?
:: yeah

11) Does the future make you nervous or excited?
:: excited and bit nervous

12) Do you have any saved texts?
:: yes a lot

13) Ever been in a car wreck?
:: Thank God I haven't been

14) Do you have an accent?
:: nope

15) What is the last song to make you cry?
:: Out of Reach and Someday

16) Plans tonight?
:: stay at home and blog

17) Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?
:: yeah several times

18) Name 3 things you bought in the last week
:: food, food again and food

19) Have you ever been given roses?
:: yes by myself! hahaha! please see previous entry

20) Current worry?
:: health and anda

21) Current hate right now?
:: my hair, always bad hair day

22) Met someone who changed your life?
:: Yes but somehow I feel like regretting it

23) How did you bring in the New Year!
:: it was a blast!

24) What song represents you?
:: Numb

25) Name three people who might complete this?
:: my blogging friends

26) What were you doing at 12 AM last night?
:: chatting with Kathy

27) What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
:: Work! Work! Work!

Please feel free to grab!


Joanne August 12, 2010 at 6:12 AM  

can i grab this bes? thank you! you are such a darling. muah! =)

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