>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am starting counting the days. I only have nine days, nine precious days. As my flight day approaches, I’m starting to be sentimental. I know that two years is not that long. I know time flies so fast, but it is still two years. I would be away from my family and friends for two years. I know it would be the longest two years of my life. I was never away from my family longer than two weeks. This would be a milestone in my life. I know I would be adjusting a lot, but after this I know I would be a better me. I would miss my dad and my mom. In the past 27 years of my life I was dependent to them. My brother and I usually argue on a lot of things but at the end of it he was my strongest ally. I live with my grandparents (just few steps away from my parent’s house). They are my best protector. I would surely miss them specially the dishes that her busy produce. When I return Sam and Brent would be grown ups. I am used to be surrounded by my friends. They have been a part of my everyday life. No more unplanned dinner at Kathy’s house for two years. In two years, Leo and Joanne would go on random joyrides without me (that would be better I think! Hahaha!). The office’s silence would no longer be interrupted by my antics and jokes. I have to stop before I would burst into tears. I should be better looking for wood stoves that we are giving an Aunt as a birthday gift.


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