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>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

When I was trying to elevate my hemoglobin count I ate a lot of sweet potato tops. I also take herbal supplements. I read in one of the magazines that herbal supplements and teas are becoming very popular. I think people tend to go natural because of the awareness on chemicals that maybe present in other vitamins and supplements. When I was having sleepless nights because of insomia attacks, my Auntie Cecil gave me a box of tea with chamomile. We are in a family gathering when I complained to her that I really have a hard time sleeping. I tried drinking milk hoping it would put me to bed early but it did not. It might sound old school and childish but I even tried counting sheep but it does not help either. During those times I would sleep at around three o clock in the morning and I have to get up at five because I have to go to work. She told me that she tried it when she was in Singapore and it was effective. Her friend who is a doctor told her that chamomile helps the mind to slow down after a very tiring day so you can relax and eventually go to sleep. I tried a couple of tea bags and it really helped me. When we saw each other last week she was telling me about Acai Berry Energy Supplement that she saw in the net and asked me to browse for it. She told me that it may help me to replenish the energy that I loose because of stress from work and others plus it can help me burn more calories that can lead to weight loss. Sounds interesting.


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