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>> Sunday, August 23, 2009

I left one of my cupcake pans to Kathy. She told me that she would be practicing baking so she could continue our business even if I would be away. She is really good in organizing events and weddings, from the invitation down to the program itself she can do it. We started KP Creations as a hobby and just for close friends and relatives. I was baking cupcakes just for family and friends. One time while munching on a freshly baked chocolate cupcake that we made, she introduced the idea of making cupcakes as souvenirs. Our first client was a baptism, personalized chocolates and cupcakes. The chocolates were easy, but the cupcake was not. It was no near to perfection. It was raining then so our icing was not that stiff. We are both praying that it would not collapse. Thank God it did not, but I told you it was just a thread away from collapsing. Our biggest client was a wedding were we made 150 pieces of personalized cupcakes. With just two of us and our critic Amiel (her hubby) we were able to finish it early in the morning of the wedding day. I told Kathy that she can do destination weddings now. She was doing wedding coordination before as sideline, now she can do it full time. But she was a bit hesitant because of her schedules as a mother and a blogger. At the end I know in her smile she was saying that she would just wait for me after I return.


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