Effective waste management

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Waste management is defined as the collection, transportation, processing, recycling and monitoring of waste. In a larger picture most common ways of waste management is collection of garbage or waste in every home then pooling it to a central waste area then dumping it to designated dumpsites like incinerators and land fills. But because of too much waste generated Land fills are beginning to over flow and incinerators are working overtime. Have you noticed lately the temperature is getting warmer; it is an effect of generating too much waste.

One effective waste management strategy is the three R. The first R is REUSE which aims to reuse a waste rather than just throw it and be a generated waste. Next is REDUCE. It is reducing the waste that can be generated; especially waste that is cannot be recycled or reused. And lastly RECYCLE. Recycle waste like paper and bottles that can be brought to recyclers where in they can be converted to another useful product. Like food waste which can be used as compost or fertilizer, it is not just organic and safe but it is also another way of recycling waste generated. These three Rs are aimed to reduce the waste generated from homes.

Written in association with waste management experts


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