Less waste, a better world

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Imagine if we would practice recycling in our everyday life. I bet our world would be a better place to live in. We would not see the overflowing dumpsites and trash bins. There is an old saying that says “In trash there is money”. But unfortunately not all people see it that way. The advancements in technologies may have made our lives easier but like anything in this world, it also has some disadvantages.

Good thing that more and more people are becoming aware of recycling. I have heard a group of local women in a poor urban neighborhood that manufactures bags out of juice tetra packs. Also another group manufactures world class hang bags made out of strips of cloths that are considered waste of textile companies. Not just that, more and more companies are promoting recycling like big department stores and supermarkets that used recyclable shopping bags for their products. We in our own little ways can do our part, by starting at our homes. Our on our own little ways like buying from stores that uses recyclable bags, or when going to the market use a basket so you don’t have to use more plastics since it cannot be recycled.

Written in association with environmental management experts


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