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>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

When I was still in college I dreamed of landing a job in a prestigious Las Vegas Accounting Firm. It was such a dream for an aspiring Accountancy graduate like me. But luck sent me to another road. I ended up doing costing of goods manufactured for a Japanese Manufacturing Company. Instead of doing financial accounting, tax services, business consulting and financial services I end up analyzing reports from the production area, debating with warehouse and purchasing staffs and studying process flow of the products that we produced. But there is no regret in me. I loves my job, shall I say previous job. Although I did not end up in a very strict business environment of accounting firm, I enjoyed my stint in the very casual atmosphere of Manufacturing. I find it very interesting to know how to come up with a certain product. I know that if I ever landed a job in an accounting firm I can also dwell on that but not as depth as what I learned when I was doing the costing. That’s why when another opportunity for another manufacturing company knocks on my door, I grabbed it instantly! There would be another interesting processes and product that I would be dealing with soon.


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