What I don't do best

>> Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cooking is what I don’t do best. I consider my self a lousy cook. I was raised in a family where cooking is a family activity. My grand mother has the busiest stove in our neighborhood. She was often being asked to cook for occasions by our family and close friends. She never attended any culinary school. It was just her experience and her gift for cooking that she holds. I held her responsible for my weight gain and diet mishaps. When I was a kid, she would cook from her stove. She would ask me and my kuya to get firewood from our barn which was meters away from our house. It was a tough exercise but when we return home with firewood, she would reward us with a delicious snack that she cooked for us. On ordinary days she would be firing her stove to cook native delicacies which are usually served on special occasions. I remember she had an eye infection before that the ophthalmologist said that she get from standing in front of stoves on long hours. In wonder why I did not inherited her cooking skills. The lucky one that probably inherited her skills is my Kuya in Canada. He and Granny would usually talk on the phone for hours discussing menus for a party that kuya would be organizing there or he was asking on directions how to cook a certain dish. I don’t know if my cooking skills would still develop. But one this is for sure, I can bake.

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