>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am here at Kathy's place. I'm playing with my god daughter OLIN (we are playing with glue sticks and paper). We would be making custom made chocolate bars for someone's eighteenth birthday. Custom made choco bars are also part of our so called KP Creations. Aside from our cupcake favors, we are also accepting orders for custom made chocolate bars as favors for birthdays, christenings and even weddings. The little brat is helping us in wrapping the prepared choco bars by passing the wrapper and the glue stick. Now she is currently distributing brownies and mango bars to me and Kath. Good girl! I was really enjoying my bonding with the little brat that I almost forgot that I have to do some research about holodomor for my brother. I better do it now or else I might be sleeping at the patio :)


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