Safety First

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

Our factory is still undergoing renovations. It was supposed to be finished last 2008 but due to the problem with the previous contractor there were still some renovations left unfinished. We are just forced to moved in even if there are still ongoing renovations. But after a year since we moved in, unfortunately there are still some unfinished major and minor renovations. We shifted to another contractor so that renovations would be all done. Fortunately the renovations that were left unfinished are now progressing. To be honest those were already long overdue and already cost us a lot. I got to talk with our new contractor one afternoon at the lobby. I was waiting for a document and he was having his collection. Being the talkative he was, we talked about his company. He said that first and foremost policy of his company is safety of his workers. He said that he is investing on their safety gears and clothing. He told me that for those in the construction company like them, it is very much important to ensure the safety of the people. He makes sure that they got them the best safety gears like hard hats, safety boots, safety gloves and clothes. He is telling me that a site helps him in purchasing the right safety gears in the construction industry. In he looks out for hard hats, which are must in the constructions for the workers to be protected from falling debri. He also looks out for gloves and safety boots and shoes. Now he is eyeing carhartt overalls for his workers. He told me that it is better to keep every worker safe from the beginning rather than loosing a worker from accidents. Being in the business for so long, he already saw some scenarios from his competitors and colleague. So he always makes sure that safety is first in his company.


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