Nice Try Kuya

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I was about to get something to eat from the fridge last night when I saw Kuya cleaning his .45 caliber pistol. I asked him why he was cleaning his gun for the nth time (I think he always does every week, I think he considers it as his pet!). I told him that the pistol might not fire at the time that he would use it because it is too clean. He just laughed hard and even tried to pose like a model for a gun magazine. He even kidded me by saying that the reason why he decided to keep a pistol is that I can used it in finding me a hubby if ever I would still be single by the age of forty. Of course it is just a joke. He is keeping one for his firing range visits and seldom hunting engagements. Now he is asking me to get him a DeSantis Holster for his birthday. I told him, its financial crisis so he must try again asking me next year. Nice try!


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