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>> Sunday, March 1, 2009

My grandma is will turn 73 this May 28. She is now insulin dependent. It was over a decade now since she was diagnosed with Diabetes. One thing that I observed about her is that she always had a hard time to balance herself. She stumbles a lot of times already that’s why is not allowed to go to the market alone anymore. It also limited her activities like going to church and other religious activities which she does very diligently before. Just two years ago, we decided to give her a walking cane. It helped her to balance and it helped her walk much easier. The only problem is when the little brats, Brent and Sam would see her cane; they would play with it and eventually leave it somewhere else leaving my Granny clueless. Just recently Kuya and I thought of getting her a new set of walking canes. I discussed with him the set of canes that I saw from allegromedical.com. They got foldable canes which would be great for her because she can keep it in her bag. They also got accessories for walking canes like holder and strap so the boys would never play with her canes again.Its about time to get her new one, I know she would love them.


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