Dine in or outside dining?

>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I belong to a very close-knitted family. We have several extended families as well. My grandparents love to throw unplanned dinners and lunches with our relatives. And our clan has one common passion, it is food. No wonder we are somehow larger than the normal size. Recently my grandfather celebrated his 75th birthday. He did not want any big celebration, just a dinner with his siblings and their family. As expected, there was no enough room for the members of the clan. We have expected the dining area at the patio of the house. It was then we realized that we should get new patio furniture. Since the family is growing, there should be additional furniture for dinners and get together like this. What I love about this set is that it could be easily converted into a play table for our card games after the meals or shall I say while waiting for the next meal. It would be great for our coffee and non-stop conversations too. I warn you, our family never runs out of stories and anecdotes. It would also be relaxing for the oldies to sit there while they reminisce about their childhood days and memories (they always do that when they are all together). One thing more, it is a wicker furniture so it is expected to be strong enough to endure the weather outdoors. Wicker is expected to be very durable and could last a long time. I think we should get a fire pit too incase the nights would be colder for the oldies.


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