Candies for Loot bags

>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Next month one of my godsons (I told you I got a plenty of them both official and unofficial). And it’s because he is a first born everyone in the family and also me is very much excited for the party. And of course one thing that we have talked about is the loot bags for the children. Since both his parents came from big families so it is expected that there would be a lot of kids and also not to forget their friends. So as early as now they are thinking of the things to put in the loot bags. Of course first on the list are the candies. Loot bags are not complete without them. Kids are always looking forward in getting the loot bags because of the different candies that it might contain. I suggest that they look out for Bulk Candy so they could get the candies in bulk since they would be preparing a lot of loot bags. We found this Hershey’s miniatures in Easter colors. We all loved it because the colors are not the usual silver and gold; for sure the children will love it (also the young once like me). And because we all love Hershey’s everybody gave out a nod on the idea of including it in the loot bags. I also gave them the ideas of including Licorice Candy inside as a deviation from the usual hard candies. I kidded them and told the couple to create also loot bags for us grown ups and include Mars Candy together with the miniature Hershey’s.


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