For fast and furious

>> Wednesday, March 11, 2009

These past few days, I’m always sleepy. I would always wake up late so the consequence is I have to cram so I would not be late for work. How many times I wish that the car would perform twice its current performance so I won’t have to worry every time I would get up late from my bed. I really hate it when I’m late for work. Maybe I already inherited my Japanese boss’s attitude towards punctuality in work. Now I am thinking of adding turbocharger to the car’s engine to increase its performance. To those who are having the same dilemma like me, try checking out They got different turbochargers for different models of cars. For sure you would love the increase in the running performance of your car. No more late punches on my timecards! No more cramming in the morning because I can rely on the speed of my toy.


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