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>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

I think its every little girl’s dream to have a doll house that she could play with. And even if that little girl would grow up, she would still keep that love for doll houses. That is why the hobby for collecting and building miniature doll houses are in demand for grown up girls. I have a neighbor before that collects miniature doll houses. I always look out to see her collections which she generously allows me to have the first look if ever she got her self a new one. That’s why she was the person in my mind when I come across one time. The site offers dollhouse supplies. You can find cute furniture like sofas, day beds, chairs, side tables and the like which are very intricate like the big ones. One thing that I really loved was their mini kitchen accessories like the pots and pans, cups and saucers and the mini oven. It would be nice to indulge in this hobby, it is like unleashing the little girl in very grown up lady in us. Actually she already influenced me to get into this hobby. I’m planning to start my own miniature doll house. I’m so excited for the kitchen accessories and fixtures.


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