benefits of Web Conferencing

>> Saturday, September 4, 2010

Working in a corporate world for almost ten years now and I can totally agree on how things gets so highly techie as time goes by. I mean, during my first few years at work, going and attending on a meeting means a whole lot of preparation for everyone involve. Traveling to the venue is one thing, and every bits of move is said to consume money, from the gas to the food allowance of the delegates to the other fees that they are require to pay. And also, if your company are the one to host a certain conference, meeting or assembly, much finances is needed in order to make the invited people from different companies feel at ease and comfortable. And that was like, five years ago or so. But now?! things are totally different! From personal meet ups and meeting to Web conferencing trend! Yes, Video conference has been the frequent request and are being used by most companies and business nowadays as it offers huge savings on every meeting by people who needs to discuss business and all. Imagine all the comforts it can give everyone especially the finance department for they wouldn't have to fork out budget for all the attendees and the fact that real time Audio conferencing makes decision making more easy and efficient because even those who are based abroad can fully discuss their side and contribute to the discussion. Things are indeed getting a whole lot easier nowadays right!?


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