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>> Friday, September 24, 2010

One of my cousins settled in Paris more than 15 years ago. Initially she was there for work but when she married his French husband, Paris became her second home. She invited me several times to visit her in Paris so I could meet her twins whom I haven’t seen personally because last time they had their vacation I was already here working. She promised me that when I would confirm her invitation she would take a leave from her work so that she could bring me not just in the breath taking places in Paris but also in some of it’s neighboring countries. What she did not know is that my number one dream is to be on europe tours. When I told her about it she was laughing and asked me what am I waiting for? Of course I have to save first because I know staying in Europe for vacation doesn’t come cheap. I know that my bank account would be suffering, but she told me it all worth it. And I agree with her very much. But before that I have to browse for some ireland tours packages for my boss who would be out again of the office for more than a month for business and leisure. He had been following up the brochures and quotations for more than a week already, but I have to prioritize some more important tasks. Good thing he did not argue with me anymore but he gave me another request, he is asking me for information about australia tours for his daughter’s honeymoon.


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