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>> Friday, September 24, 2010

My dearest brother called me just this morning. He again complained about the laser printer cartridge that my dad had purchased for his printer. He is currently working on his research papers for his Biology class. He needs to print his papers and other supporting documents before the semester ends. And since he doesn’t have the time to go to the store, he asked my father to buy one for him, but Dad is always on rush and did not bother to scrutinize what he bought he got a not so good printer cartridge. And since he cannot complain to our father, he called me overseas just to speak up his mutterings over the said laser printer cartridge. I told him to go to for good quality printer cartridges and toner refill. No need for him to go to the store, he just order and then it will be delivered to him so also no need for him to spend extra cost on overseas call just to complain to me. It was like hitting two birds with one stone. I was kidding him that I am already miles away but still he can bother to call me and complain. My brother is like that, sometimes it pisses me off but most of the time I appreciate his need of me. I guess siblings are like that, your best friend yet also sometimes your best enemy but at the end of the day the person who loves you so much.


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