Polo shirts for everyone

>> Friday, September 24, 2010

Last couple of weeks was really a fully occupied one for me. I go to the factory very early and I go home very late. I set aside my DVD sessions, my FB updates and my chatting time. I really hate peak season, unfortunately for us this year we do not have a slack seasons. All the months are book with orders. I was so engrossed with my task that I barely noticed that I haven’t washed my laundry until my polo shirts are coming out of my closets since I don’t have any tee shirts to wear any more. When I came here a year ago my victorinox luggage was filled with formal blouses and slack pants because I thought the office set up here was the same. It was too late that I knew that the set up here is very casual and even our COO then was just wearing jeans and embroidered polo shirts for office. That is why for the coming anniversary of the factory we are planning to purchase some custom polo shirts for us to wear for the program. I asked the purchasing department to check on leadapparel.com where they have customized polo shirts in all sizes and colors. The good thing about leadapparel.com is that they can ship the ordered sizes asap in affordable yet high quality prices. I’m sure they could get a best deal for it. 


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