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>> Sunday, September 19, 2010

Last January, I had a sister who just turned 18. Every lady dreamt to have a debut party. This is the day when her parents introduce her to the world as a fine young lady. This is when she can start to live on her own. I remember the day before her birthday; someone provides nail beautification service in our house. She is about my sister’s age, and when it is my turn to have her service, I encourage her to tell me something about herself. One part of our conversation was “do you go to school”? She answered “no, we do not have money for my studies”. I asked again, “if you can go to school, where?” She said, I want to go to a cosmetology school in Orange Park, they have a website It somewhat touch my heart and I said, if I know someone who is willing to send you to school, I will refer you.


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