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>> Friday, September 3, 2010

thanks to the oh so sensationalized political scandal that this country has, a reporter of a certain newspaper was able to come up with a unique business that sells out funny t-shirts that actually quotes the phrases said by the phenomenal scam-guy while being interrogated by the Senators. for the said reporter it was just a plain act of earning extra money while the issue is still hot and selling like hot cakes with the people, thus making them want to get a piece of that shirt with sayings and actual words that comes into ones mouth during the trial slash interrogation. at very affordable bucks that man can gain some profit you know, great move really. i bet a lot of business minded mob will do the same or will much likely try to come up with something that still connects to the latest and hot issue in the government today. Just like - the site that sells out really cool and rocking statement funny t-shirts. Something that I think is good to buy as gifts for the men of the family this coming Christmas! Having quite number of uncles and granddads back in my hometown, for sure they would all love to receive cool shirts that they can flaunt just about anytime!


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