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>> Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paula is a certified bookworm. If I am totally engrossed in reading I can read overnight non-stop. I remember when the last installment of the Harry Potter series was out on the market I hurriedly went to the bookstore and reserve my book. And after maybe three months of waiting I was so excited in reading the seventh installment of the story of the wizard boy. When I finally got hold of it I went straight to my room and ignored my mom who is telling me to have my dinner first before reading. She knew that when I start flipping the pages there would be nothing to stop me even a hungry stomach. I really love reading because I am learning too much in just flipping the pages. Actually sometimes it relaxes me when I read. In some times I would go out our patio, sit on a recliner and read under the sun, when I go to the beach I don’t forget to bring books in case I would be tired playing in the waters. Now a days bookworms like me would love what they call online publishing. It is associated in the digital publishing of journals and articles that is distributed in the net. The most common form of it would be ebook publishing or the digital book where in a book is published or readable on computers and other electronic devices. A site called has a lot of ebook publisher that you could choose from. Now a days everything comes in handy, and who ever have thought that those bulky books in the old library could be replaced by this.


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