Candy Bar, so tempting

>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was born with a sweet tooth. Candies, chocolates, cakes and any kind of sweets had been part of my life. I grew up eating a Candy after every meal. I love chocolate Candy Bars, my day would not be complete without it. I was always advised by my doctor to avoid eating chocolates because of my migraine but I am stubborn enough to just don’t mind the pain just to have some chocolates. I find it hard to pick my favorite among the long list of tempting and delicious candy bars. It is like picking the best among the best. How I wish I could have them all. Finally I realize that Snickers bar really knocks me out. I love the nuts and chewy caramel nougat. I remember before, I got a whole box of snickers from the package and hide it in my room. Every day I would finish one bar in an instant. I consider it as my power bar. I would always say that if you want me to be good to you, just supply me with Snickers. If you want me to get mad at you, steal it from my table. Maybe it’s the reason behind all my accumulated calories. But still it did not stop me from dishing out a candy bar. Another funny story about Snickers and me is that one time, I became greedy with it and I hide them at my closet from my brother. The following day, I saw ants crawling around the closet, they had the chocolates and I was so disappointed that I really cried like a baby and my brother just laughed hard and told me that it was karma. Speaking of candy bar, I am currently looking at Milky Way Candy Bar on the desk next to me, I’m craving for it!


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