Getting me new glasses

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

They say that our eyes are the window of our soul. Being such, we should take care of our vision. Most of us normally abuse our eyes which resulted in getting prescriptions for eyeglasses in the long run especially when we get older. In these worse times, getting our eyes a new set of glasses could be put in the least priority but there are still ways how we could get a great deal for eyeglasses. The New York Times tells about cheap frames from zenniopticals. They sell frames from as low as $8 with lenses and anti-scratch coating. It’s a great deal considering that getting a nice pair of frames could cost you more than five times the price that they are offering. We will be having our medical exams this week and I know that one of the findings for me would be getting a prescription glasses. I am eyeing this nice pair of glasses from zennioptical. It is made from stainless steel, which would give strength and stability which I need because of clumsiness. I also love its comfortable acetate frames because I prefer it rather than steel temple because steel temple irritates my skin. The stylish Greek design at the end of the frames would give the sophisticated look that I want to achieve. And the price is very reasonable, a pair of nice glasses for only $29.95. I know that I should take good care of my vision. Actually I find it weird that my vision is very much far from each other. With my left eye, my vision is totally blurred but with my right eye, I can still see things clearly even in far distance. I know I really abuse my sight, reading in a very dim light and working too much in front of the computer. I can wait to get my exact grades so I can finally get myself a new pair of glasses.


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