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>> Monday, February 2, 2009

Just this morning during our monthly flag ceremony, I learned that one of the company near us has suddenly lay-offed four hundred workers. And now the rumor is that it would be filing closure. Too bad. The global economic crisis is now on its full blast. Companies are one by one closing down and unemployed people are now piling up. I don't want to admit it but I'm beginning to be afraid. I don't know what would happened to us next. Merely thinking that I might loose my job really makes me feel bad. Just this month our sales dropped from 40 tons average per month to 15 tons at the end of January. That's more than 50% decrease in our sales. It is very alarming and the management is taking some cost cutting measures. But too bad that the employees are the one who are making the sacrifice. What I heard is that they are planning to reduce the working days from five days to three days. One of the benefits that the employees are receiving are now being abolished. I'm very much willing to participate in the cost-cutting measures, I just hope that they should not only see the benefits that the employees are receiving, they should also be looking at some unnecessary expenses that are far greater than the employees' benefits that they are abolishing. I hope that they would realize in themselves that they should also practice what they are imposing. Is it necessary to buy molds that cost a thousand dollars each for one of the products if your orders are just few? Why do they have to accept returns from customers that cost more than a thousand dollars for a product that they ordered three months ago just because they don't need it anymore? There is no need for a business wizard to tell them that its unfair and it would just contribute more to the company's losses. Now all that we could hold on is prayers. We do pray for this to end soon.


Joops February 3, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

I hope that you would retain your job Ms. pau, for the meantime I have a pssionate blogger award for you..

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