Solution for Thin Hair

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

I used to complain before about my thick hair. I would wish that it would be thinner. But it was then I realized that it would be better rather than exposing my hair line. One of my officemate has a dilemma about his thinning hair. He is a bachelor and not that old, but it is very evident that he is starting to loss his hair. He would complain everytime he would see his hair in the mirror. He admits that he looks older than his real age. Sometimes he would joke about it and tell us that it’s the pressure of work that causes his hairs to fall. And maybe he thinks that it is the cause why he still single up to this moment. I argue with that, he is too choosy, we have tried many times to pair him with every bachelorette that we knew but we failed to get a match. He would often tell us jokingly that the company should shoulder his hair treatment. He told us that he is really bothered about his thinning hair. Although he already accepts it he hopes that there would be a much faster and not too costly remedy for his problem. So when I came across toppik one time, the first person that came into my mind is him. It would be the best solution for his problem. It’s easy to apply, low maintenance and affordable. It should be affordable because he gives too much emphasis on that. It would surely give his hair an instant thickness and volume. Now he would look younger and who knows with the help of toppik he would find his lifetime partner. Keeping our fingers crossed!


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