What a day

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

Boss is pressuring us all here in the accounting department. Yes we know that the financial audit would start on Monday, and the schedules should be finished by now. But there should be a distinction between realistic and unrealistic deadlines. Most of the schedules are finished there are just some that we are still balancing, and pressuring us would definitely not help. One thing that add up to my flare is the news that reached me. I should have not listened. It just ruined my day. I have to lock up my self in the comfort room just to calm my self and release my emotions. Good thing that they did not noticed my eyes, thanks to my new eyeglasses. Just a call from Tita Mayeth made my day. We talked for about an hour (boss is not around she is having her lunch). She asking me if I knew some hairdressers Sydney Australia have. She might be visiting there for a wedding and she need to look one to fix her for the wedding. And the conversation has just been extended :)


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